Building a Sunhouse

Sunhouse was established in 2007, when architects Kalle and Inga Oikari wanted to start offering Finnish house builders new ways to build modern houses. Sunhouse combines individual architect planning and high-class house materials into easy-to-build home packages. Our houses can be anything you need – large building projects, detached houses, semi-detached houses, villas, summer houses, sauna buildings etc. No project is too small or big for us.

We love elegant, Nordic simplicity - with a pinch of glamour. Big windows, durable materials, functional spaces and innovative details give Sunhouse homes the feel of luxury.

Building process can be divided into three phases: planning, delivery and construction.


Ekological precut houses

Sunhouse homes are produced with a precut system: the components of the houses are cut to the right length and shape at the factory, making the building process at the worksite fast and convenient. Houses built with the precut method are energy-efficient and compact.

Structures of Sunhouse buildings are made from Finnish wood. We’ve chosen to use materials that cause a minimal amount of emissions to nature and are optimal for healthy indoor air quality. In our houses, air barrier paper and wood fibre insulation are used instead of air barrier plastic and mineral wool. 

A breathing house structure makes sure that the humidity of the inside air is always naturally in balance, making Sunhouse a safe and healthy option even for asthmatic and allergic persons.


Genuine wooden homes

Using ecological materials is important for us and our customers. Finland is the land of green gold – forest and we value wood highly.

Sunhouse homes are genuine wooden homes. We use only wooden materials in our wall structure, which lets air humidity flow through the structure. This gives your home healthy inside air, high level insulation and a naturally prefect balance of air humidity.

Wood has a small carbon footprint and it is a recyclable, renewable and versatile material. As trees capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, our wooden houses can be seen as small carbon storages. One 120m² Sunhouse wooden house absorbs approximately 50 000 kg of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent up to 500 000 km of travel emissions.




1. Planning

The first steps of the building process are taken when the planning begins. In practice, planning has begun way before you contact us for the first time. Collecting ideas, getting inspired and creating an image of your dream home are important parts of the process. It can take years before the image of your future home is clear enough for you to take the first step and contact a sales representative.

Take enough time for planning – the best choices are rarely made in a rush.

Our skilled and experienced team can help you with the planning phase and provide you information and inspiration. Our goal is to create unique and beautiful homes for our customers. We believe in modern architecture and design.

A beautiful, well-designed and custom-made home will keep inspiring you in your everyday life.


Designing process

•  Initial meeting

•  Budgeting

•  Ready-made house model or unique design?


 Material choices

 House package offer and order agreement


1.1 Initial meeting

Starting the house building project

Cooperation with Sunhouse starts with a meeting with your Sunhouse sales representative where the full planning and building process is reviewed together, and the first schedule for the project is drafted. The location, size of the property, soil, site boundaries, ground, and building regulations have a huge impact on the planning process. The size and the shape of the house, as well as technical solutions, schedules, and costs, are all pondered together during the first planning meeting.

The initial meeting with Sunhouse lasts approximately 2 hours and will help you get started with your dream home process. We’ll create you a unique and cost-efficient solution.


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Building a house - Sunhouse


1.2 Budgeting

How much does it cost to build a house?

The mapping of overall expenses begins at the initial meeting, where the first budget is set based on your hopes and needs. The size of the building and the amount of work you are planning to do yourself have a large impact on the price as well.

The final price of your house package is set after the drawing of the house is ready. If you have a set budget for the process, we take note of it during the planning.



1.3 Ready-made house model or unique design?

Choose from our house collection or let an architect design the house of your dreams.

You have two options for planning your Sunhouse home. Our house collection includes plans of ready-made houses for you to choose from. All ready-made houses can be modified to match your needs. 

Explore our house collection here. In addition to these houses, we have hundreds of house models in our archives.

Optionally, you can also let our architects plan and create your dream house from scratch. More than 90 % of Sunhouse homes are designed individually to meet your needs by our architect. This way we can be absolutely sure that the house is the right style, size and shape for the building site and has all the needed rooms in the right places. All this while keeping your budget as a guideline.

We are passionate about creating unique stylish and functional homes for our customers. 

Planning a unique house is what we suggest every customer should do. We offer you all the necessary plans – swiftly and at a reasonable price. So that you get a home that fits the surroundings and meets your dream house needs.


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Building a house - Sunhouse
Building a house - Sunhouse

1.4 Draft planning

Site visit, designing and creating the first drafts

The architectural design agreement is made either at the initial meeting or soon after that. After this, the architect will visit your building site for the first time.

Architectural designing process starts with the site visit. During the visit, the ground and topography, location, views, vegetation, nature elements, neighbors, limits of the site and light conditions are explored. This information will help to decide the best possible locations for all designed buildings, road, parking lot, garden, dock, technical solutions, and all other functionalities.

Your hopes and needs regarding the building and premises are equally important at this point of the planning process. All the observations that the architect has made are reviewed and combined with your plans regarding the dream home.Hence this can be seen as the most important phase of the building process, since the size, style, and functionalities of the building are now defined. Important decisions about the house affecting the budget and schedule are made on site during the day of the planning discussions with the architect.

As a result of the planning, the architect will present you with the first drawing of the building based on all the information gathered before. For the first time, you can actually visualize your future home standing at the premises.

After some time, as a result of the planning phase, the architect will present you with the first drawings of the building based on all the information gathered before. For the first time, you can actually visualize your future home standing at the premises, in 2D and 3D drafts.


Building a house - Sunhouse

1.5 Material choices

Materials define the atmosphere and quality of your home

Our material selection consists of natural, practical and durable elements. You can decide all the materials for your own future home. Materials outside the house package can be specified with your interior designer.

Interior design can be divided into five phases.

• Fixed furnitures (kitchens, cupboards)
Lightning an power outlets
Room-by-room surface materials
Toilet and bathroom fittings
Loose furniture plans


1.6 Offer and ordering

Order agreement with the sales representative

The precise price for your house package is calculated after the first drawings are made. If some of the materials for each room are still not chosen, the price can be calculated based on our standard delivery content. This way you can continue planning the indoor materials and order them as a supplementary delivery when you are ready.

The Sunhouse house package is ordered with your sales representative. The price, the payment schedule and delivery times and locations are agreed upon while making the order. At this point, the head designer should also be decided for applying for the construction permit. Other parties, such as foundation, electrical and HVAC designers and building contractors, should also be appointed before applying for the construction permit.

The house package includes all the essential parts you need for the construction work.





2. Delivery

Plans are now ready and the order of your house package has been signed: it’s time to step into the delivery phase of your building process. The main drawings of the house and other special plans are finalized and the construction permit application must be delivered to the authorities. After the permit, your future home is being manufactured and eventually shipped to the property. Continuous communication with your chosen professionals is now the key to making progress as smoothly as possible.

It’s not unusual that the feeling of hurry and anxiety take over, as the actual construction phase is getting closer every day. What do I still need? What can I do by myself and what not?

The more carefully everything has been planned in advance, the more trouble-free your mind is. Remember that your Sunhouse sales representative is ready to answer all questions you might be pondering – this is not their first rodeo.


Delivery phase includes

•  Main drawings

•  Submitting a building permit application

•  Structure planning and other special plans

•  Manufacturing and delivery of your house


2.1 Main drawings

Main drawings, that include the technical drawings of your house, are made right after the house package order has been signed. These include the floor plan, general layout plan and cross-section and facade plans that are all needed when applying for the construction permit. The draft planning made earlier is taken further as technical information is added to the drawings.

Main drawings are included in the Sunhouse house package price, excluding general layout plan. Sunhouse offers these plans according to a separate price list.


Building a house - Sunhouse
Building a house - Sunhouse
Building a house - Sunhouse
Building a house - Sunhouse


2.2 building permit application

Principal designer

Planning of a building demands for tight cooperation between different professionals. Finnish law requires that a Principal designer must be appointed for a building project, whose job is to make sure that all necessary plans are compatible.

When you are building a Sunhouse house, the main architect is usually the Principal designer. These tasks are not included in the house package prices and require a separate contract.

How do I apply for a building permit?

One of the main tasks of the principal designer is to help you in the application process. A professional principal designer  is used to fill up the official forms and is an important support at this point. In addition to the main drawings, waste-water plan, energy certificate and a foundation construction method statement must be provided for the authorities. The soil investigation should be executed already at the planning phase since the soil can have a rather significant impact on the building plans.

The time of the application process varies depending on the building location. Generally, the approved permit will be received within a few months. After this, the rest of the professionals for the worksite can be chosen. Your Sunhouse sales representative is happy to help you find the right persons for your construction site.


Building a house - Sunhouse


2.3 Structural planning and other special plans

Structural plan

When your project has received a decision about an approved permit, Sunhouse will begin the wooden structural drawings for your house. These drawings include detailed plans for all wooden structures of your house. Based on these, the house components are produced and later pieced together at the worksite. The structural plan is included in the price of the house package.


Other special plans

We want to make sure that the building project is as effortless as possible, and all needed plans and professionals are easily available for our customers. All other special plans required can be purchased via Sunhouse.

• Foundation structural plan

• Electricity plan

• HVAC-plan

• Interior design


2.4 Production and delivery of your houSe

The house package will be finished usually within 12 weeks from the order and production will get started right after your project has received a construction permit. During these 12 weeks, the property should be prepared and foundations made. You also have good time to plan and make other purchases – such as necessary connections, kitchen furniture and for instance fireplaces.

Sunhouse delivery manager will contact your building site regularly to make sure that house materials are delivered in time to the property right after the foundations are made.

Usually, the house package materials are delivered to the worksite in 2 or 3 shipments to ease the construction. Multiple shipments remove the need to store materials at the worksite.


Example of a 3-phase delivery

1. The house frame is shipped at first, together with other wood materials, attachment materials, and wind protection panels. Outside structures of the house and terrace are usually delivered in the first shipment.
2. The second shipment takes place approx. 2 weeks after the first one, and includes windows and doors.
3. The last shipment includes the rest of the materials: indoor structures and interior design materials.

Precut house package materials are ready to be installed and packaged in waterproof materials. The materials are delivered with a semi-trailer, thus the road to the property should be also ready before the house package delivery.

When a building is located on an island, materials are first shipped to the departure dock, and then to the destination by water with a ferry. Materials can be packaged in smaller pieces when shipping to an island, so they are easier to handle during the delivery.





3. Construction

Time to get started with physical work! No matter the size of your building, the construction phase is a huge process. We want to make sure that our customers get help from the best possible experts – that’s why we maintain a nation-wide network of contractors for you to choose from.


Construction phase includes?


Construction of the house

Finishing touches


Construction kickoff meeting

The project manager, construction site supervisor, contractor, and foreman should all meet before the project kicks off.  The goal of this meeting is to double-check that the requirements set for the project are met and the chosen personnel is competent. A written commitment should be made during this meeting.


Building a house - Sunhouse

3.1 Foundations

Groundwork and connections

Groundwork, in practice, includes all the necessary actions that need to be done at the property before foundations can be made. The property is cleaned, and forest cover and vegetation removed from where the building will be set up. The foundation plan includes instructions for what should be done to the ground in advance. If you want to keep some vegetation, make sure to mark and protect it from the construction work.

Foundations and underground drains

Foundation practices are decided during the early planning phases. The most common foundation types are concrete slabs, ventilated foundations and pillar foundations. All of these are possible and the correct type of foundation will be determined in your foundation plan.

A well-made foundation is literally the baseline for your future house: it is important to make sure that the humidity from the ground does not affect the building. Ground frost should not affect the foundation during the construction.


3.2 Construction of the house

Walls, roof, windows and doors

Building up the frame and roof of the house takes approximately one week. After this, the house is covered from the weather with wind protection panels. Your dream home is starting to look like an actual house for the first time.

Floor cast

The concrete cast for the floor can be formed when the house has a roof and is protected from rain and sun. Before casting, the HVAC contractor installs drains, water pipes and floor heating.

External cladding

The external cladding needs to be durable, match the environment and have a high-quality surface with even colors.

Sunhouse wall panels are extremely thick, long-lasting and made to endure rough weather conditions. Wooden panels protect the house from humidity and are energy-efficient. Usually, the wall panels are painted at the factory, so no treatments need to be done at the worksite. Walls are also covered with natural paint that allows the beautiful wooden structure to be seen. This allows the wooden structure to breathe.

Indoor structures

Indoor structures allow the house to start looking like a home from the inside – for the first time, you can walk through the rooms of your dream home.

Sunhouse homes are insulated with ecological cellulose-based wood fibre insulation and air barrier paper.

Electricity and HVAC

Electricity and HVAC installations are ongoing side by side with all the other constructing work. Installations are done in several phases during the construction. Electricity and HVAC work shouldn’t postpone or distract other functions at the construction site.

Building a house - Sunhouse
Building a house - Sunhouse
Building a house - Sunhouse
Building a house - Sunhouse


3.3 Finishing touches

Interior walls, roofs and floors

Interior materials are installed after the dirtiest stages of the building project are finished. Usually these materials arrive at the worksite in the last delivery phase. Similar to exterior materials, also wooden materials for indoor walls, roofs, and floors are delivered ready-painted with the chosen color.

Choosing the floor materials is often a tricky task since hundreds of different floor materials are available for your future home. We have narrowed the options to some of the most suitable brands. Discuss more about these materials with your Sunhouse sales representative.



Water isolation and tilings

The aim of water isolation is to prevent moisture from getting to the building. Thus, this phase of the construction process is very important and controlled. Water isolations are made by the contractor and Sunhouse interior designer can help choose the right tilings.


Indoor doors act as room dividers, creating spaces for privacy and preventing sound to move across the building. High-quality doors are easy to use and match beautifully the surrounding environment. You can feel the quality of a massive-structured wooden door with every opening.

Hidden-hinged doors close to the same surface as the walls. For smaller, tighter rooms, a sliding door might be a better solution in order to save space. In case you want to use sliding doors, the frames are installed at the same time with the dividing walls of the house.

Kitchens and other fixed furniture

A well-made kitchen has plenty of space for cooking and storage and is the place where functionality comes first. Professional planners can help you find the solutions that match together with your house style, fill in your demands and are practical. The first kitchen versions are drawn already during the draft planning phase. Having a professional advising you with choosing kitchen cabinets, devices and materials makes the decision-making process smoother.

Building a house - Sunhouse

Terrace and garden

Terrace and garden play a huge role in creating the final image of your future home. Terrace unites your house to the surrounding environment and is often the most popular place for hanging out during the summer months.

Garden plan should be done before the construction phase begins, in order to conserve and protect the vegetation that you want to include in the final garden. Remember, that the surrounding nature can also be untouched – huge pine trees and moss carpet often create the most stunning atmosphere for the garden.

Final check

The final checkup is the end of the construction process. Foreman orders the authority to perform the checkup that makes sure your home is safe, healthy and ready to be used.

Home sweet home!


Building a house - Sunhouse
Building a house - Sunhouse