Building up the frame and roof of the house

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Building up the frame and roof of the house

Tiia and Craig

So at what point in a house build do you actually build a house? Not too long ago Tiia and myself started to wonder this very thing. The good news is, in a matter of a few weeks you're wondering how that happened so quickly.

Foundations in place, the house package arrived quickly, coordinated between our contractor and Sunhouse. The roof trusses had arrived the day before. By no means a quick job, our delivery took a long day's work (the tenacious truck driver takes the credit here). Complicated by a wet hill and a rather heavy load, we had to call in local support in the form of a tractor to tow the truck up the hill a few times. Things to note, it's a lot of stuff, there needs to be sufficient space around the house to store it.






This is where the prefab concept of Sunhouse pays off. ln a matter of a few days house frames were going up and you start to see the plans coming to life. Each element of the house frame precut, the builders piece it together with the help of the wood construction plans like a giant jigsaw puzzle. A week or so later the roof trusses were being placed atop the frame and a week or so later the windows had arrived and were being lifted into place. Easy!






Needless to say, there are a number of details that happen out of sight of you and me here - quantity surveying, sourcing etc. One thing about Sunhouse that we had trusted in was the concept of quality and ecological materials. While we had more than one or two questions on the visual materials and design, the technical materials we left to them - as we mentioned in earlier posts, we liked their plastic free concept.

So there you go, a snap of fingers and we had a house! Okay maybe a few more steps to complete, but hey I understand that once the roof trusses are up, that is worth a party!



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